Bible for Life is entirely free. However, if you have enjoyed and benefitted from the material please consider joining us in supporting one of the following campaigns working for justice and to help for those who suffer and struggle in this world.

Hope for Justice

A British based charity specialising in Training, Rescue, Advocacy and Restoration in the fight against human trafficking.

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Naked Truth

A British based charity that works to 'Open eyes and Free lives from the damaging impact of porn'.

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Restored is an international Christian Alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.

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Open Doors

Open Doors works in over 50 countries, supplying Bibles, training church leaders, providing practical support and emergency relief, and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith.

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Hands at Work

A group of Christians who help the local church in Africa to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable by supporting local Christian leaders, increasing the community's capacity to provide care in an effective and holistic manner.

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Bible for Life users say ...

Rollo Hope

Corporate Executive, London

"I was literally on the edge of my seat."

Michelle Jones

Pastor, Hillsong London

"I have recently come across Bible For Life and wanted to say how much of a wonderful resource it is. So this is an email really to say thank you so much for the time you have spent creating it. I am sharing it with my friends and pray that more and more people are as impacted by it as I have been."

David Moore

Anglican Clergyman

"I’ve sent an email to the Bishop suggesting that he encourages more of the saints in Bristol to get on the receiving end of your passionate and rare Bible teaching gift"

Jules Springer

Sports Lawyer

"The bible for life ministry (and Nick's gifting as a teacher) enables individuals to have a dynamic engaging fulfilled personal relationship with the bible, which deepens their love and awe of God, strengthens their faith and equips them to engage with the world. I can not recommend BfL highly enough."

Dr James Chan

Medical Doctor in Malaysia

"A regular reminder and challenge to live a God-honouring life"

Pete Walker

Junior Doctor

"BfL has allowed me to explore scripture with depth and increasing consistency. I love it because no room is given to disregard any scripture yet there is an understanding that every part must be viewed in the context of a risen and triumphant Jesus."

Kate Hames


"I would say that thanks to BfL my desire to know and be affected by God's word has grown exponentially. As we read the Bible more and more it keeps coming to life more and more as we start making links across all the books and seeing who God is and who we are and just how applicable God's word truly is!"

Harry Campbell

Disciples Students

"Bible for Life brings the Bible to Life & I am always left wanting to read more of the Bible."

Katie Sobol

Bible Study Group Leader

“ … your online resources are so good, that I felt really able to get to grips with what was rather an intimidating book when I first read it through … I have really benefited from it as have the whole group and it gives confidence to people like me to be able to lead/facilitate a group and not feel all at sea!”

Poly Keating


"I absolutely love the resources on your website. A friend recommended them to me about a month ago and they have greatly enhanced my study of the bible. I have been a Christian my whole life but have only just started trying to really get to know my bible."

George Bryans

Stewards Trust Field Worker (Report on Student Houseparty)

"... they engaged with it (Bible for Life) far more easily than I thought that they would. They were really open to doing more of it, and found the website really helpful."

Ramsey el-Khazen

Software Engineer, Imperial College

"The ministry we get from the Lord through you has I think been a huge influence, certainly for me and I think for everyone else too and stirs in me a hunger to dive deep more and more."

Alice Campbell

Young Professional in London

"The way in which you help us to engage with the bible in pods is very helpful to me and has been deeply refreshing, especially the richness of the language of scripture. It helped me to realise that if I study the bible creatively and if I am willing to trust god to speak to me through it, then it is no longer dry and tired as I had previously found it but fascinating, complex, difficult and essential."