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You can feed a person by giving them a fish each day, or, better still, you can teach them to fish. Bible for Life is about teaching people to fish – that is, to help you discover for yourself how to get to the heart of the Bible message. The Bible is the most fascinating and powerful book on the earth – having the greatest worldwide following – but its books are often not easy to understand. In 1526 William Tyndale translated the New Testament into English so ‘the boy that drives the plow (would) know more of the scriptures'. Bible for Life exists to help men and women, and especially young adults, understand the message of scripture and live as apprentices of Jesus in His Kingdom in the 21st Century. Unless indicated, all Bible references used on this website are from 'The Holy Bible, New International Version, Hodder & Stoughton, 1984'.

About: Making Apprentices of Jesus

The Bible for Life material is designed to help disciples (apprentices) of Jesus make more 'apprentices of Jesus', just as Jesus commissioned us in Matthew 28:19-20. It is designed not only to help you understand the essential message of the Bible books, but to put them into practice, live them out, and participate in the dynamic life of the Kingdom of God. So the website visitor will find that as the 'meal' develops with the different courses, the focus becomes increasingly practical. 'The Apprentice' section of the 'Main Course' is specifically focused in this way.

The Process

About: Using BfL material

Step One
Choose a bible book

Either start with the 'Featured Book', or scroll down and choose one from the general section.

Step Two

Choose the 'meal' course to match your desired level of engagement (depending on the time available or your knowledge of the book). Then choose the media (audio, visual, text) that you find most helpful.

Step Three
Throw yourself in

Keep pressing to get the very heart of the meaning of the scriptures. Answer the questions at the end of each 'course'.

Step Four

Discuss the book with others - ideally with the person who is coaching you in your apprenticeship of Jesus.

Begin Your Study
Guest Contributors

At Bible for Life we like to draw on the expertise of others

Dr. Matt Lynch

Academic Dean, Westminster Theological Centre

Matt teaches Old Testament and serves as Dean of Studies at Westminster Theological Centre. Matt is the author of a book on Chronicles and various articles on the Old Testament. He co-hosts a podcast on biblical studies. He is married to Abbey and they have two children.

Dr.Mark Arnold

Theological Lecturer

Mark is passionate about seeing people engage with the Bible for themselves and has a particular desire to see people realise how wonderful the Old Testament and the God of the Old Testament is. He is married to Roz and they have 3 children.

About: Money

Bible for Life is free. If you find it helpful you might consider donating to a charity that BfL supports. All donations to BfL itself will be used to develop the BfL ministry, in order that, as William Tyndale wrote, 'the boy (and girl) that drives the plow (would) know more of the scriptures'.

About: The Essence of Discipleship

'If you hold to my teaching you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.' John 8: 31-32

About: Nick

Nick Crawley is an Anglican clergyman with over 30 years experience of church leadership in London, Harare (Zimbabwe), Sheffield, and Bristol. He is a qualified Banker and Investment Analyst and was awarded an MA with merit in Christian Theology from the University of Bristol. He is married to Dr. Lucy Peppiatt the systematic theologian and author, and current Principal of Westminster Theological Centre. They have four sons.

"unless indicated all bible references are from ‘The Holy Bible, New International Version, Hodder & Stoughton, 1984’ "